Kids International School

The Director’s message

Children are the grace of God and the hope of Humanity. Their improper education and unplanned nurturing may ruin all our hopes and may bring disgrace to the life here and hereafter.

Thus, contemporary education devoid of high moral values, overburdened with formal knowledge is leading the youngsters to chaos and emotional deprivation. Institution in their zeal to lead the future generation towards academic excellence, generally tend to ignore the emotional and spiritual aspects of a child’s personality. Enlightenment of mind and soul both is the goal of humankind.

The school based on the CBSE curriculum with English medium, endeavors to make the new generation competent enough to face the challenges of modern age while clinging to their faith and values.

“Better that a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher. It is to my duty to provide a platform to nurture young lives and make them worthy of the right, which they deserve so they can continue to render same service to the generations ahead”

— Syed Rashid Zafar
Chairman, Kids International School

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